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Riverside English Cream Retrievers

& Goldendoodles

1 Goldendoodle puppy still available (1 black boy, with a little bit of white), check out our RESERVE YOUR GOLDENDOODLE page for more info:

Black boy with a little bit of white Goldendoodle, still available

1) Guardian Angel for Ellie

2) Guardian Angel for Lucy/Ellie & Ice's litter

3) Guardian Angel for Sugar/Ellie & Ice's litter

7) Guardian Angel for Pearl/Cotton & Ice's litter

8) Guardian Angel for Cassie/Cotton & Ice's litter

Guardian Angel for Mocha, future stud for our Goldendoodles

11) Guardian Angel for Sailor Grace/Diamond & Ice's litter

13) Guardian Angel for Sage/Ellie & Ice's litter


Ellie is currently homed with a guardian angel family, she lives with them full time.  Ellie will have a few litters with 1 of our sires & then be adopted permanently by her Guardian Angel family, at which time we will pay to have her fixed & they will receive AKC papers.  This option is available for a select few families & puppies.  If you are interested in being a Guardian Angel to one of our puppies in trade of purchase & also to make some extra income, please let us know so we can discuss it further!​



1) Taneal (Ellie)

2) Katie & Grahm (Lucy)

3) Jerimiah (Sugar)

4) Lynn (Lilly)

5) Chelsea & Benjamin (Lucy #2)

6) Kerry (Coconut)

7) Kathryn (Pearl)

8) Billy & Danielle (Cassie)

9)  Juanita & Rick (Mocha)

10 Jennifer & Tim (Willow)

11) Sue (Sailor)

12) Evie (Freja)

13) Juanita (Sage)

14) Tina (Goldendoodle, to be determined)

15) Kristen (Goldendoodle, to be determined)

16) Ronda B. (to be determined)

17) Kathy (to be determined)

4) Guardian Angel for Lilly/Ellie & Ice's litter

5) Guardian Angel for Lucy #2/ Diamond & Ice's litter

6) Guardian for Coconut/Cotton & Ice's litter

10) Guardian Angel for Willow/Diamond & Ice's litter

12) Guardian Angel for Freja/Ellie & Ice's litter

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Guardian Angel Contract