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Riverside English Cream Retrievers

& Goldendoodles

1 Goldendoodle puppy still available (1 black boy, with a little bit of white), check out our RESERVE YOUR GOLDENDOODLE page for more info:

Black boy with a little bit of white Goldendoodle, still available

1 Goldendoodle listed below is still available:

Black Goldendoodle boy from Snickers litter still available


Buster & Stella will produce F1 Goldendoodles (1/2 AKC Golden Retriever English Cream & 1/2 AKC Standard Poodle).


Licorice, Snickers & Mocha will produce F1B Goldendoodles (1/4 AKC Golden Retriever English Cream & 3/4 AKC Standard Poodle ).


Puppies are $2000.00, reserve yours with a down payment of $400.00 (non-refundable) & we will put your name on the list, 1st come/pay 1st serve basis.  We reserve 8 puppies per litter, if we have less then 8, the people on that list who didn't receive a puppy will be put on top of the list for the next available litter, if we have more than 8 puppies the people on top of the next list have the option of getting a puppy sooner. 


Licorice & Ice's litter born on 12/26/21

Snickers & Ice's litter born on 12/24/21

Buster/AKC Standard Poodle Sire

Stella/AKC Golden Retriever English Cream Dam

Mocha/AKC Standard Poodle Parti-tuxedo Sire (this beautiful boy is new to our breeding family & will be ready to stud in 2022)

Snickers/Goldendoodle F1 Dam

Snickers/Goldendoodle F1 Dam

Licorice/Goldendoodle F1 Dam

Licorice/Goldendoodle F1 Dam

F1 Goldendoodles (1/2 Standard Poodle & 1/2 Golden Retriever English Cream): The sire will be Buster a striking AKC Standard Poodle w/parti & the dam will be Stella, a beautiful purebred AKC Golden Retriever English Cream.

F1B Goldendoodles (3/4 Standard Poodle & 1/4 Golden Retriever English Cream: Sire will be Mocha a gorgeous Standard Poodle (tuxedo w/parti). Snickers & Licorice (sisters) will be the the dams, they are beautiful Goldendoodles (1/2 purebred AKC Standard Poodle w/parti (dad is Buster) & 1/2 purebred AKC Golden Retriever English Creams (mom is Stella).

These 2 beautiful Goldendoodles (Snickers & Licorice) will be breeding  with Ice (AKC Golden Retriever English Cream) for a F1B (3/4 Golden Retriever English Cream & 1/4  Standard Poodle w/parti):

Snickers & puppies born on Dec. 24

Licorice & puppies born on Dec. 26

Update: Snickers had 8 healthy puppies on her due date, Dec. 24th (2 white boys, 3 white girls, 2 brindle girls & 1 black girl), they will be ready for their new homes approximately mid February.


Update: Licorice had a litter of 4 precious puppies on Dec. 26th (2 white girls & 2 black boys), they will be ready for their new homes approximately mid February.

Snickers & Licorice:

1)Guardian Angel/Kristen (girl/white) moved from Stella & Busters)

2)Martin (girl brindle, moved from Stella & Busters litter)

3)Andrea & Nick (girl, brindle)

4)Garrhett (Merry Christmas Alison, prefers a all black male)

5)Tony & Wendy (white girl) 1st choice is white collar from Licorice (which is now purple), 2nd choice is pink collar from Licorice

6)Kevin & Sandy (white girl) neon green from Snickers

7)Christian (black girl)

8)Brooke (4th white girl)

9)Tessa (white boy)

10)Bonnie (last white girl)

11)Kendahl (last white boy)

12)Still Available (last black boy, with a little bit of white)

2002 LITTERS: 

Snickers & Licorice (sisters) will each have a litter with Mocha: they are expecting approximately in July & ready for adoption approximately in September .


1) Kristi & George (girl)

2) Available(Guardian Angel, girl)

3) reserved

4) Available

5) Available

6) Available

​7) Available

8) Available


1) Available(Guardian Angel,girl)

2) Reserved

3) Available

4) Available

5) Available

6) Available

7) Available

8) Available